Your Evolution Coaching


Photos of Sarah provided by Cayce Cossette of Ruby Bee Photography

"What we fear of doing most is usually what we most need to do."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

What things, if you did them, would change your life?  What are you tolerating? Or resisting? What do you need to start doing, or stop​ doing, to change essentially how you're living  your life? Change is inevitable - Growth is optional.  Is it time to replace your wishbone with a backbone? Make it happen starting now.


Our careers are a big part of our identity.  If you feel stuck, coaching can provide the focus and clarity to get further, faster. People seek career coaching when they're changing jobs, taking on a highly visible role, are managing a team or need to lead through influence, or work for a difficult boss or with a challenging co-worker. 

Change of any kind means the end of something familiar being replaced with something new.   It's in the messiness in between the routines where coaching's valuable.   Abrupt changes in relationships, coping with terminal illness, changing jobs, even positive transitions like getting married or becoming a parent are stressful.   Coaching makes way for you to put your energy toward getting what you really want.


Sarah Necklen, CPCC  -Certified Professional Co-Active Coach