"Sarah helped me figure out what I wanted, and how I could best make my goals come to fruition.  She helped me carry out the decisions I needed to make.  I learned that most of the time I knew what I wanted and what I had to do to solve the situation, but by Sarah asking just the right questions, she pushed and challenged me.  The best question she would usually ask would be "what do you really want?" in any situation we discussed.  

I was forced to talk things through, gain some perspective, then figure out a plan.  She coached me through planning my proposal to my finacee and helped me overcome my fears. She also coached me through repairing a damaged friendship which is now back at a healthy level, but it took a lot of work for me to get over some of the things that happened.  I was starting from a place of punishment, but in reality what I wanted was to get past the feelings of resentment and rekindle our friendship.  

Coaching helped me professionally in my work toward my CPA -Holding myself accountable and keeping me on track.  I also turned a more critical eye to the work I was doing in my job, and I ultimately decided to pursue a new role in my company, and I got the job and am doing more fulfilling work every day.  

Most of Sarah's coaching points still ring in my head when certain situations pop up.  I now have the confidence I need to better handle stressful situations.  Thank you again, Sarah, for the life-changing coaching." 

Sarah Necklen, CPCC  -Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Photos of Sarah provided by Cayce Cossette of Ruby Bee Photograhy


Your Evolution Coaching


What is coaching?

Sample Session - FREE!
Evoking transformation starts with true chemistry.  We'll explore what's bringing you to coaching, and I'll coach you fully for about 20 minutes so you can get a feel for my style.  Together we can determine if we're a good fit  -No obligation.

All packages listed below include a 90-minute discovery session, and a completion session at the end of the package agreement.

Rate: $100 per session hour.

6 sessions -  $600
One 1-hour session per week for four consecutive weeks, then two within the following month.  This package is most popular among clients jump starting a career change/job search, and additional sessions can be added a la carte later.


12 sessions - $1200 
One 1-hour session per week for 2 months, then 4 within the following 2 months.
 This arrangement is the more popular of the packages offered. Although there is usually one primary reason a person engages a coach, benefit is realized in other aspects of their life outside of their initial goal or reason for starting with a coach; it encompasses the whole person and their transformation to a more resonant life.  As with the 6 session package, additional sessions can be added on a la carte.

Engaging a coach is like hiring a personal trainer for your conscience.  Coaching is built upon the premise of accountability, making choices or commitments, and putting them into action.   It differs from counseling or therapy which tend to focus on something being 'broken' or that there is something abnormal or bad that needs fixing. Counseling and therapy go into the past, whereas coaching is about being aware and in the present- and setting sights on the future and how it can look different. Coaching encourages the articulation of your core values and explores how to best honor them in your life, striving for a more resonant existence for you and how you are in your daily life.  It's a model of potential and possibilities- focusing on self-reliance, perspectives, resourcefulness, and choice.   


"Sarah has done a fantastic job coaching me through transitions in both my professional and personal life.  Her use of powerful questions helped my navigate my way in my new (and somewhat ambiguous) role at work, as well as manage my challenges in being "super mom".  

She has been able to make me think about things through a different lens, become more aware of my actions and those of others, and to remove barriers to any obstacles I encounter on the way.  She empowers me to face my challenges and overcome them.  She has enabled me to approach things in ways I never thought of before, and to make connections that help me make life simpler.  

Sarah's support has been amazing- she knows exactly what to say, what to ask, and how to get me to hold myself accountable for the answers.  It has been a liberating experience, and I am now a believer in co-active coaching.  Sarah iis one of a kind, and I always feel like she "gets me"; I feel like I can tell her anything.  I come out of each session with more clarity and confidence- Priceless!  

Sarah, thank you so much for helping me to be the new me, which is more about helping me stay close to the true and best me.  I am forever thankful for the opportunity to have had you as a coach!"